This week on the podcast, we talk about what is commonly known as a contender for the best video game of all time, it's the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Released originally in 1991 in Japan, this game basically perfected what Nintendo introduced in the original Legend of Zelda and added a ton of features to improve/add depth to the experience. This game would introduce many tropes of the series going forward and still holds up well today. So where did it land on the Endless List?

Find out on the podcast or check out the complete rankings (linked here).

Wow 200 episodes! What can I say we've done some podcasting. This week we're taking a look at the Endless List and re-ranking a handful of games. There's arguments. Feelings were hurt. We laughed. We cried. Someone got stabbed. There was a randomizer involved. But overall, we promised entertainment and we gave it to you.

Where did the list end up? Find out on the podcast or check out the complete Endless List (linked here).

The NFL season is here and we're adding yet another pro football game to the Endless List, it's the arcade classic NFL Blitz. We talk about how Midway wanted to make this game much more violent than it ended up being, it's addictive gameplay and most importantly: where it ranks on the Endless List.

Where did it end up on the list? Find out on the podcast or check out the complete rankings (linked here).

This is a momentous occasion for the Endless List as we add our first visual novel: It's Doki Doki Literature Club. Do not listen to this podcast if you intend on playing this game! There's a lot of spoilers! To steer clear of spoilers, this game is about joining a literature club in high school and creating poems for girls in your class. You decide who you want to romanticize and will you become the best member of the Literature Club? Or will you BECOME TRAPPED IN THE ENDLESS VOID THAT IS NOTHINGNESS.

It's on the Endless List. You can find it linked here. Check out the full list too!

This week on the podcast, we add the ship captain simulator roguelike, FTL, to the Endless List. You play the role of the captain of a spaceship bringing critical data on the enemy flagship to your fleet. You must survive a voyage through many different systems and countless enemy foes. You have at your disposal: An endless array of weapons, a motley crew of different aliens and many different ship systems. The possibilities are endless in this game but it's placement on the list will not be.

Find out where it ranked on the podcast or in the link here.

Our 21st entry on the list of video games movies, this week we're adding Rampage to the list of video game movies. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is a loner and someone who loves Gorillas in this kaiju movie about a giant alligator, albino gorilla and a wolf. Lizzie is MIA for half the movie, George is underpowered and Ralph is OP as this blockbuster cast including the Rock, Noamie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jake Lacey and Joe Manganiello take on big boy animals in a fight to the death.

Where did this land on the list of video game movies? Find out on the podcast or check out our complete rankings (linked here).

This week on the podcast, we're starting off a run we're calling Oops All Bangers! as we add Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to the list. This has been a game we've thought about doing since the very start of the podcast and we're finally adding it to the list. You play as an amnesiac who is trying to figure out their own path through a universe torn apart by a war between the Republic and the Sith, a mysterious dark faction who rose up during the Mandalorian Wars. The story is notable for it's choice based progression system, it's great story and unique combat. It would go on to influence a wide array of video games, but where did it land on our list?

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The earth has been taken over by machines. Remain on your moon base sanctuary as our brave YorHa androids make the earth safe again. Glory to mankind!

It's Nier: Automata.

What is existence? What is a ranking? Did we kill god?

Find out on the podcast.

This week on the podcast, we're adding one of the most infamous games from the 2010s on to the Endless List: It's Mighty No. 9. This game developed by Comcept with the help of Inti Creates and led by Keiji Inafune tried to bring back the Mega Man style of action platform type games. It failed. Miserably. And we're here to talk about it.

Where did it land on the Endless List? Find out on the podcast or check out the complete rankings (linked here).

This week on the podcast, we take on yet another Uwe Boll classic and our third entry in his canon on the list of video game movies: It's Far Cry! This Till Schweiger led vehicle introduces the podcast to the concept of a German production English language movie filmed in British Columbia. Why did this happen? Well, tax credits, Uwe Boll seems somewhat unhinged and more!

Find out where it landed on the List of Video Game movies by clicking on this link!

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